Friends of Bishop Gilpin

About the Friends of Bishop Gilpin

The Friends of Bishop Gilpin is the name for the parent-teacher association. It was changed to the ‘Friends’ to reflect that we also include the wider BG community - including ex-pupils and ex-staff, the churches linked to the school and local businesses.

FOBG is a registered charity and is led by parents at the school. Its main objective is to organise fund-raising events that finance facilities and equipment that cannot be funded by the main school budget. However we also provide links between the school and parents and organise social activities that bring members of the school community together.

Every current BG parent and all the staff are automatically members of the Friends – there is no signing-up process. The FOBG is run by a committee that meets every half term and we encourage parents to come along to one of these meetings to see for themselves what we do.

FOBG is a lively and active organisation and we put on events for both children and parents throughout the year – usually one social and one fund-raising event per term. We also organise smaller treats and events for the children, as well as providing refreshments at school events.

You don’t have to join the committee to be part of the FOBG team. We would like every parent to get involved in some way; even one hour serving coffee at a nativity play or tidying the school gardens will make a difference to our school.