Friends of Bishop Gilpin


This scheme is very straight forward and everyone in the school community can take part. So far it has been very successful. On the first collection in October 2012 the school raised £530 and on the one in May 2013 we raised £638.

The total weight raised by any one school was £1810kg raising £905, so that’s a good target! That also won a prize of an extra £100 for the most weight.

Some facts....
1. Bag2School has paid over £16 million to schools and clubs in the UK so far.
2. They collect and sell unwanted textiles to importers and wholesales in many countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia.
3. At least 50% of textiles we throw away are recyclable but we only recycle 25%. 4. Textiles make up 12% of landill sites.

The PTA Magazine says, “The Bag2School textile scheme has been described as the most inclusive form of fundraising available to PTAs in that it uses a resource that everyone has available. Defra, the government environment body, estimates that there are one million tonnes of unwanted clothing in the “national wardrobe”. The Bag2School scheme is an easy to use, free way of “unlocking the value” of those unwanted items to raise funds for any particular cause you wish to support”.

How is it Organised
A date is booked with Bag2School twice a year. The date is advertised in the Newsletter and notification sent out via the Class Rep email. Parents are asked to donate only good quality clothes, bedding, soft toys and shoes (though not with holes or soiled). These are left in the welcome area in the week of the collection and then on the morning of the collection all donations are moved outside the Nursery entrance for collection by a Bag2School van.

Lead Parent Volunteers
Samantha Pickford. Email:
About 2-3 parent volunteers are need to help carry donations to the collection point. It takes about 30 minutes to move all the bags.