Friends of Bishop Gilpin

Cake Sales

Cake sales are very popular. All the money raised for each year cake sale is split between classes and given to the teachers to spend on items for the class. £1,795 was raised from cake sales in the Spring term 2013 and £1,705 in the Summer term.
Cup Cakes

The class reps are asked to encourage teachers to give feedback on what the money is spent on. The FOBG Committee are keen to know this too.

How is it Organised
The FOBG Chairs allocate the dates for each year across the term and email those dates to Class Reps. They tend to be held on a Friday morning at drop off and if there are any cakes left over then again at pick up. A table or two is needed to set up the cakes and Mr Rob can be asked for these. Set up for Reception, Years 1 and 2 is usually in the Reception playground and outside the Nursery gates and main entrance steps for Nursery, years 3,4,5 and 6. A float can be collected from the FOBG Treasuer or FOBG Chairs. Some paper or plastic bags are needed (currently some paper bags in FOBG shed) to put the cakes in when bought, (or containers from parents). After the cake sale the float can be passed to the next Class Rep for their sale the following week or it can be left with the school office. Finally, a note of the total raised should be taken and emailed to the FOBG Chairs but the amount raised (minus the float) can be split between classes and given to the teachers there and then.

Cake Sale Pricing (a rough guide)
• 30p for a cup cake/biscuit
• 50p for a large cup cake/muffin if it looks a bit special
• £4 for a plain cake like a banana loaf
• £5 for a more ornate cake
• £6+ if it looks really lovely and you think someone will pay that.

Lead Parent Volunteers
Class Reps. About 4 plus volunteers are needed to take money and sell cakes.

Time taken
About 30-45 minutes before and after drop off.