Friends of Bishop Gilpin


This scheme raises about £600 per year from this scheme. Every £1 spent on books will give 20p in vouchers to BG which the School will spend on books for the school. For orders of £50 or more, we earn additional loyalty stars = more free books for the school.
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How is it organised
Catalgoues are sent from Puffin, Scholastic or Yellow Moon to the School. Once the school is set up on their system, catalogues are sent automatically each term. The catalogues are then placed in book bags. Then once a deadline is set for orders a check is needed for any forms that don't get sent directly to the company. Most parents order directly online. An arrival date is arranged by logging on. When the books arrive at school they need to be sorted and distributed. Important to check that school spends vouchers before they run out, so need reminding if getting close to expiry date.

Lead Parent Volunteers
Martina Josefsson: Email:
About 2-3 parent volunteers are needed to sort books and this takes about 1 hour

Northbrook Fundraising
This catalogue comes out via bookbags at Christmas time and sells lovely gift-wrap, ribbon and tags. The school receives 22% of the value of each order.