Friends of Bishop Gilpin

Our Charities

As well as raising money for our own school, Bishop Gilpin is presently donating to two charities long term. The first is a school in Mabale, Africa, and the second is Faith in Action. Some of the money raised at the school fairs and other events will be split between these two charities, and we plan to include them in our future money raising efforts.

Mabale +

In 2009 Bishop Gilpin helped raise funds for Mabale Primary School in Zimbabwe as part of the school's annual Lent Project. This turned out to be the beginning of a special relationship with this rural, poor, school that has since grown to include regular financial support, news updates and exchanges of letters between our children and Mabale pupils.

In the four years that Bishop Gilpin has been supporting Mabale, we've raised over £3,000 which has been spent on providing teaching materials each term, sports equipment, new doors and windows for the classrooms, and carrying out general maintenance at the school, as well as sending out 36 large boxes of good quality, secondhand uniform, sports kits, shoes and materials. In January this year, we were able to follow this up with a large parcel of brand new (but old-style) Neptune PE kit t-shirts

Attendance at Mabale has more than doubled in this time, as even the poorest children can now go to school daily. This is thanks to us providing teaching materials and assistance to the school, without which the poorest children would not receive an education. In Zimbabwe, all children have to pay to attend school, and if they cannot afford the £30 a year, they are simply sent home. A hopeless situation, but one we can help change.

Our support for Mabale involves a UK-registered charity, Painted Dog Conservation (PDC), which is based in Hwange, near to Mabale. For more information see the PDC's website.


Faith in Action is a charity run collaboratively by different faith groups to support homeless, precariously housed and other marginalized people in the Wimbledon area. They run a drop in centre which they can afford to open two days a week offering practical help in the way of meals and washing facilities as well as providing friendship and guidance to those who find it difficult to access the essential services and social networks we take for granted.

It costs £5,000 every month to keep this centre open. If you would like to make a further contribution or for more information, please visit the Faith in Action website.