Friends of Bishop Gilpin

Class Reps

Class reps are a very important part of the FOBG network. Each class can either have 2 class representatives who co-ordinate everything or each part of the role can be broken down. We probably all appreciate that taking on the class rep role for one or two parents is quite time consuming so breaking it down is a way of spreading the tasks. So in order of priority, requiring one person each:

Class Liaison Rep:

Compile a contact list of all children in the class together with email, telephone number, address and full names of parents/carers, and circulate this list to the class and teacher. Co-ordinate the rota for parent/helpers in class (reading, etc) and find out if the teacher needs any extra materials for projects/homework etc that parents could donate/help with. Welcome new families to Bishop Gilpin and introduce them to other parents in the class.

Christmas Fair Rep:

Organise class stall for Christmas Fair. To be fair to other classes each class should play a part.

The list of reps for 2015 - 2016 can be downloaded in the side bar to the left.

Summer Fair Rep:

Organise class stall for Summer Fair.

Class Swimming Rep:

For Year 2 Summer Term only and Year 3 Autumn term only.

Cake Stall Rep:

Organise the cake stalls in the spring/summer terms (in partnership with other class reps for the year group). Funds raised are split between year classes.

Teacher Collection Rep:

Collect donations/signatures for Christmas/end of year gifts. Donations of £2 maximum should be asked for. More can be given if parents want to.

Class Social Rep:

Arrange a social event for the class once a term, e.g. coffee mornings / evening drinks parties and encourage class members to attend and donate to other fundraising and social events, eg quiz nights, auction of promises.