Friends of Bishop Gilpin


The FOBG committee meets at the school every half term to discuss our events, report on funds we’ve raised, and also talk about how the money is going to be spent. If you are interested in seeing how this works, please do come along.

The core committee consists of five elected positions, a teacher representative and the Head Teacher:

·  Chair - Vacant
·  Treasurer - Debs Poulter
·  Secretary - Katherine Harris
·  Class Rep Coordinator - Jo Whelan
·  FOBG Creative Director - Vacant
·  Newsletter editor - Vacant
·  Newsletter classifieds editor - Vacant
·  Teacher representative - Mrs Bray
·  Head teacher - Mr Ball

We are very grateful to the parents who come to the meetings regularly and form the broader ‘committee’ that helps us make decisions. It really helps that they can follow the progress of events over a period of time.

We do appreciate that not everyone can attend the meetings and we know that other parents make invaluable contributions by bringing ideas forward, organising events, and helping on the day. If you have any ideas for fund-raising or fund-spending, please get in touch.

Meeting dates
The committee meets once every half term. All meetings take place at 8pm in the staffroom at school. They last approximately one hour:

·   Tues 28th February 2017 @ 8pm