Friends of Bishop Gilpin

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called the Friends of Bishop Gilpin?
The name was changed to the ‘Friends’ to demonstrate that we also include the wider BG community - ex-pupils and ex-staff, the churches linked to the school, local businesses, and anyone else who wants to be a friend of the school.

I don’t really know any other parents well, and I’m a bit nervous about getting involved.
Don’t worry! The FOBG is a great way of meeting parents and making friends - and making a real contribution to your child’s school at the same time. We’re always ready to welcome any offers of help, and you won’t get pushed into doing anything you’re not sure about. Our success is purely down to the fact that people like you either get involved directly, attend our events, or use FOBG services such as the catalogues and the School Uniform shop.

How do I get involved?
Come to one of our meetings, which are publicised via the newsletter. Alternatively, you can drop a note in the FOBG box in the welcome area or contact us via the emails on the contacts page. The important thing with FOBG is that no-one expects you to be an expert on anything or to commit enormous amounts of time – counting school vouchers for one hour or helping on a stall at the school fair makes a difference.

How does a typical event come about and how do you make things happen?
Ideas are discussed at our committee meetings, held every half term. As a group we decide which ones we want to take forward, and a small group is formed to work out the real detail. For the school fairs each class is allocated a stall and the class reps then talk and plan in more detail with their classes. In the weeks leading up to a fair or event we will meet several times to decide on things like publicity, catering, booking venues/entertainment etc. We work out who is going to do what, and whether we need more help at the event itself.

How do I find out what’s going on?
Read the newsletter and keep an eye on the FOBG noticeboard in the welcome area. There will also be posters up by the gates of the school. In addition, you will receive emails from the Friends via your class reps, so make sure they have an up-to-date email for you. If you can’t be contacted by email let your reps know and they will make alternative arrangements.