Friends of Bishop Gilpin


FOBG runs two Fairs a year, a Summer Fair and a Christmas or Winter Fair. These are very important to FOBG’s fund raising stream since each fair raises between £5-7k.

If parents are unable to help in any other way then just sparing two afternoons a year to attend them is a significant contribution. The fairs are fun, low key ‘Village Fete’ type affairs, normally with a theme and hosting stalls such as tombola, cakes, lucky dip, traditional games, face painting, raffle, and so on. The Fairs usally start at 2pm and finish at 5pm.

FOBG are very grateful to Hamptons International in Wimbledon Village who have sponsored the Fairs since 2010.

The location of both Fairs is around the school complex, mainly in the school hall, although the Christmas/ Winter Fair only has no access to the Key Stage One side of the school due to the fact that Stage Coach hires the school for their classes there instead of their usual place in the school hall. Chairs ask for volunteers to help clear these classes of desks on the Friday before the Fair and to help put them back after the Fair.

How is it Organised
The Chairs together with the class reps decide on the theme of each Fair and then plan accordingly. There are usally two or three Fair meetings held in the Autumn and Summer terms. The Chairs will allocate fairly which class has which stall, switching it round so that no two classes have the same stall twice in a row. The Chairs arrange the artwork or signage for the Fair with the FOBG Creative Director to do posters to go outside gates, flyers for book bags, layout of stall positions and pdf files to go on web site.

Receipts for costs should be kept and FOBG can reimburse. There is no reimbursement without receipts.

The FOBG Treasurer (Elizabeth Cushman) arranges for each stall to have a float of about £100. The Treasurer also needs a Float Monitor (currently Matthew Short) who collects notes and replenishes change throughout the afternoon. Floats should NEVER be left unattended.

Pricing is a rough guide only. But should be something along the lines of charging between 20p for one go or 50p for 3 goes. An outside attraction that has a cost and tickets involved should be something between £2 or £3. Tickets for food between £5 or £7 and alcohol between £2 and £3 and soft drinks between 50p and £1. But depending on what the stall or attraction is some discussion will be required.

Set-up and Clear Up
The Chairs arrive from 9.30 in the morning of the Fair and leave at about 9pm when all tidy and cleared away. Mr Rob helps with this as does some parents. Volunteers for each stall will be needed to set-up their stalls in the morning, amd they are needed to tidy up after the Fair.

It is up to the class rep to organise a rota for each stall, so that there are enough parents for set-up, running the stall for the 3 hours and clear-up.

Lead Parent Volunteers
The Chairs together with support of class reps and parents.