Friends of Bishop Gilpin

AGM & Quiz Night

Usually held in October the AGM followed by the Quiz Night is very popular. Food and bar is available. It is a great night out and a really vital fundraiser.

It is always a very happy atmosphere and a good way to meet new parents. Last year the teachers won. Come to think of it they always win!

How is it Organised
Our resident Quiz Master is Emily Jones who has run the quiz for the last 2 years. The format of the Quiz is the same as in previous years, including a range of topics, both visual and aural and just a little testing but not too hard. Order forms are placed in book bags and also sent out via Class Reps. Alcohol and food needs to be arranged. Tables and chairs are organised into groups of 8 or 10 after school and also help set out the alcohol into self serving buckets. A volunteer needed to take answers for each group after each round and work out results.

Priced at about £15 a ticket and usually asks for a donation so that we can claim Gift Aid, tickets also include food and 1 glass of bubbly on arrival at the AGM which starts at 7.30pm. The Quiz starts at 8pm.

Lead Parent Volunteers
The FOBG Chairs. About 4 volunteers needed to help set up run the Quiz and clear up.