Friends of Bishop Gilpin

Special Days

These special days are not traditionally fundraising events.


FOBG set up the School Xmas lunch in partnership with Ben the school cook, for children and staff, with crackers, festive table cloths and decoration of the dining hall. Ben and Mr Ball decide on the date for the Xmas lunch..

How is it Organised
FOBG Chairs send out an appeal, via Class Reps and in the Newsletter, for volunteers to help serve the Xmas lunch. Volunteers also needed to help decorate the dining hall in the morning and lay up the places. Those that help are rewarded with an Xmas lunch.

Lead Parent Volunteer
FOBG Chairs. Between 15-17 needed in total to serve lunch and 3-4 to decorate dining hall. It takes about 2 hours to serve lunch and about an 1 hour to decoate dining hall.

EASTER EGG HUNT (held in last week of Spring term)

FOBG Chairs arrange a date with Mr Ball. All the children take part in the FOBG organised hunt but not Nursery or Reception who run their own. Although each child in the school has a chocolate egg treat (those children with allergies have their own treat) for completing the hunt.

How is Organised
A hunt needs to be put together. Teachers need to be consulted in advance what time slot they have. Each class is sorted into 4 groups and each class allocated a 15 hunt time in 3 slots, from 9.10 - 10.30am, 11.30am - 12.20pm and 2-3pm.

Lead Parent Volunteer
FOBG Chairs or parent. About 8 volunteers neeed for each of the three time slots.


On the anniversary of Founders Day FOBG pays for an ice cream van to come to school and give each child an ice cream. This treat was started at the 250th celebrations, but was so popular with the children that it has been continued each year.

‘Each class takes part except morning Nursery, who have lollies instead. These are bought beforehand and kept in school kitchen freezer.’